I have spent more time in home in the last few weeks than I have in past few years. I wished for a time where I could just stay at home for a bit and relax, now I would do anything to be crazy busy again. The good thing is I have learned a few things.

1. I have way too much stuff in my house.  I can't wait until this thing is over so I can have a garage sale.

2. I am really good at napping. I can nap multiple times a day.

3. I am a really good cook. I have cooked more in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years.

4. I can't bake, not even out of a box. I tried to make a cake and I forgot to put the eggs in the mix, had to start over, put too much oil, and didn't cook it long enough.

5. I learned I could put a weed eater together. My step dad always takes care of my lawn, well thanks to social distancing I am having to do it.  He had bought a new lawn mower to keep at my house but I needed a new weed eater. So I went to Home Depot bought one put it together and used it.

What are five things you have learned during quarantine?


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