Every day, we go about our daily routine. Make breakfast, and throw away unused ingredients. Have lunch at home, and throw away the paper plate you used so you don't have to add a regular plate to the dishwasher later... Make dinner, load up the trash can with scraps and take it out to the big can so the house doesn't stink. On trash day-set the cans out to be emptied by the Garbage Trucks that swing thru West Texas neighborhoods, ridding us of all the unwanted and unused excess that is our daily existence. HOWEVER-you DO need to be mindful here when you're throwing things away, that some things around the house or job might not be ok to just toss in the trash can. You MAY have to set an appointment for them to be removed, or take them to a recycling or special dumping place, depending on what they are. And if you don't, you could be breaking the law and illegally dumping something you're supposed to be disposing of in a certain manner.

Reusable wastes

5 Things That Are Illegal to throw out here in West Texas include, but are not limited to:

Car Batteries, Oil and other household chemicals, tires, tree limbs, and construction debris. It is considered illegal dumping to throw these in your trash can. 

One exception: household paint cans CAN be thrown in the trash, as long as the lids are off and the paint inside the can is dry.

Old kitchen appliances in the rubbish bin isolated on white

Appliances and furniture are picked-up by appointment, and should be scheduled with the City Sanitation Department.

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