Every job has the potential to be dangerous. Even our radio jobs could be dangerous, we say one wrong thing, and someone could become angry enough to cause us bodily harm. Luckily, that has never happened to anyone in our office, but it has happened before.

According to Job Monkey, a dangerous job is defined as:

A dangerous job can be defined as a job that exposes a person to risks that can cause harm, damage, or injury. When picking a job, you need to know the risks – falling trees, wild animals, heavy machinery, distracted drivers, wildfires, and detrimental weather. Every dangerous job has the potential for injury or loss

Here are the top 5 most dangerous jobs in Midland/Odessa


5. Waste Collection:

This one might surprise you because you might think all they do is ride around in a truck all day. That is actually one of the things the job so dangerous is, driving large vehicles and the hazardous materials they come in contact with and also having to operate heavy machinery.

Garbage pile in trash dump or landfill. Pollution concept.


4. Roofers:

Their jobs can cause all kinds of injuries or even death. They have to carry heavy and bulky material up on roofs and operate dangerous heavy equipment. They also work high off the ground, so a fall could lead to a fatality. And here in Texas, you know how hot it gets, so the heat could be very dangerous as well.



3. Trucking:

Trucking. Trucking has a higher number of fatalities than any other profession due to being overworked, the dangers of unsafe roads, and inadequate vehicle maintenance.



2. Construction Work

So many dangers come with construction work. From working out in the heat to using heavy equipment and machinery, making this one of the most dangerous careers.

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1. Oilfield Work

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Oilfield workers work long hours in extreme cold and heat, not to mention long hours. Falls and heavy machinery cause the most injuries in the business. You can't leave out all of the car accidents driving to and from the jobs.

Blue west Texas pumping unit
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