In Texas, we *LOVE* us some Whataburger! And if you ever leave the state for any reason, you miss one being nearby to grab a tasty #1 and a Dr Pepper Shake! And even though there are locations that are starting to pop-up in other states (Patrick Mahomes has brought the Texas favorite to Missouri!) among other locations, we all know there are certain things you can always count on when you stop by the big Orange W BESIDES the drive-thru line being long:



The name says it all. And Yes--You MUST include bacon!


Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Every Texan's first love is Dr Pepper. If you haven't tried the shake at Whataburger, crawl out from under that rock immediately.


A Table Tent with the number 74 at a Whataburger Resturant
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

It was that King place that coined the phrase first, and who knows, there's probably even some trademark or copyright on it. But they don't go as far as Whataburger does. Jalapenos, French Fries, Spicy ketchup, even a hash brown-Whataburger will put ANYTHING you ask for on your sandwich if they have it. So don't hold back. Be bold and order it YOUR WAY. They even have a veggie burger with a hash brown on it. When you have a place that's unique to your State or even just to your area, take advantage of it and GO. Support it--often--so it stays in business. Especially during this crazy day and age where suddenly no one wants to work. Let's help keep businesses we care about thriving so that we can enjoy them long past this time in our history, and so that our kid's kids can enjoy them too.

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