This year has been a hard year for everyone. Some have been harder than others and Christmas will be even harder for some families this year. A lot of times we don't think of a mass number of children doing without here in our own community, we like to tell ourselves it only happens in big cities. The reality is, it happens right here. Many of you heard us talking about this on the radio this morning and asked how you can help. Here's how.

3:11 Ministries is a local organization that helps underprivileged kids in Midland County that are in need.  We I first spoke with Stephanie from 3:11 they had about 1500 kids on the list, in 5 days that number has grown by more than 500.

One of the biggest reasons I love working with 3:11 Ministries is because they work directly with the local schools to know which children are in actual need. In the first 45 days of school 3:11 helped more kids with uniforms than they did all of last year.

Here is a letter from one young man:

Dear Santa,
My name is Josh.
My mom told me to write a letter to Santa Claus. I don’t believe in Santa anymore, but my brother and sister do. We don’t have much.
Whoever I am writing to, my brother and my sister are my world.
I watch my mom pray over bills and sometimes not eat just so that we can.
Please let Santa come for my brother and sister.
If you don’t have enough for me, its ok.
I don't know about you but this breaks my heart. If you can sponsor a child this Christmas please do so. You can choose your child to sponsor by visiting Midland County Angels on Facebook or if you don't want to do the shopping the El Squad can do it for you and you can make a cash donation. Donate Here!
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