With the Tokyo Olympics quickly approaching coverage is quickly picking up, especially here in Midland with two Midland High graduates competing. Bryce Hopple will compete in the 800 meter run and Natalie Hinds will compete in women's swimming.

My favorite sports to watch during the Summer Olympics are women's gymnastics, volleyball, and some swimming and some track. It is always interesting to learn things about things you didn't know. This morning I cam across an article in Men's Health, rules Olympians must follow that I had no clue about. They shared 40 rules we might know where in place.

I am only going to share a twelve of these rules I thought were the most interesting. These are according to Men's Health: 

1. Boxers must be clean shaven. Minimal facial hair is allowed but nothing more.

2. Gymnast cannot wear colored nail polish. They either have to have their nails painted a neutral color or not at all.

3. Track and field athletes don't have to wear shoes. There are rules on shoes if shoes are worn by the participant.

4. Athletes can not post pics from the field of play or the backstage area. So if are looking for inside tea, the athletes can't post it.

5 .Basketball players can dunk the ball but can not hang on the hoop.

6. Wrestlers must carry a handkerchief. They must keep a rag somewhere on them to clean up any blood.

7. Swimmers can grease themselves before a race but no go overboard. Apparently it is to prevent chaffing.

8. Water Polo players must have their toe nails checked before each match. This prevents cuts and scrapes on other opponents.

9. A coin toss is used to determine the color of uniforms worn in a volleyball match. If the two teams show up in the same colors a coin toss determines who will change uniforms.

10, Cyclist sock can only be midcalf high. Sox cannot be taller than midcalf, they are actually measured.

11. No Hand Holding. Runners are not allowed to hold hands to cross the finish line causing a tie.

12.Race Walkers must have one foot on the ground at all times. They can never have two feet off the ground.

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Olympic Rings installation in front of Japan Olympic Museum
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