Texas is very proud of where we have come from and what have. I knew many great things came from Texas like Whataburger, Dr. Pepper and HEB, but I have no clude about a few of these.

1. Silicone Breast Implants. Created in Houston in 1962.

2. Snickers: 75% of all Snickers are made in Waco

3. The Frozen Margarita: Invented in Dallas but a restaurant owner using a soft serve ice cream machine.

4. Ruby Red Grapefruit: When white grapefruit trees in South Texas developed a different type of red fruit, a scientist at Texas A&M patent the famous fruit as Ruby Red

5. Chili: Never questioned as to where Chili came from .

6. Fritos: Invented in the 1930's by a Texan named Charles Doolin.

7.Chili's Bar and Grill: The first one opened in 1975 on Greenville Ave, in Dallas.

8.Dr. Pepper: Invented in 1885 in Waco. My favorite drink of all time.

9. Fajita's: From the early 1900's out of the Rio Grande Valley.

10. Liquid Paper: It was created by the secretary at Texas Bank in Dallas.

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