In a SHOCK to many, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off the upset of NFL Week 2 play when they faced the Cincinnati Bengals. Franchise QB Dak Prescott went down week 1, and backup QB Cooper Rush led the team to a 20-17 victory over Cincinnati on Sunday. Was it pretty? Maybe not. But a win is a win. Check out some of the best tweets El Paso put out after the game...

Yes, the Cowboys have basically won the Super Bowl.

Like I said - a win is a win! Kudos to Cowboys' kicker Brett Maher for securing that game-winning kick. Just ask the Bengals how important a good kicker is. And a good long snapper.

And he's not talkin' about Andy Dalton!

Doesn't get more El Paso than that!

How bout them Lions, too. Laughing is better than crying, my man.

What was more unexpected - the Cowboys win or rain in El Paso?

Dak Prescott’s backup now has a 2-0 career record filling in, with winning drives on his final possession both times.

The sign of a TRUE sports fan is the effect a W or L has on the person's mental health.

Next up? Another Cooper Rush start. Monday Night Football against the New York Giants. An NFC East showdown. Jerry Jones said Dak should be back after week 4 but does it even MATTER?!




Honorable Mention has to be this one, which technically doesn't count because it's from last week, but yes. A timeless classic.

Well, it certainly looks like there is no need for Dak to "RUSH" back.

(dad joke)


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