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Titan Is Looking For His Forever Home
LoneStar 92.3 had teamed up with LoneStar Animal Sanctuary to help abandoned pets find their forever home.
Meet Titan! He a five and half year old miniature pincher/yorkie mix. He is good with older kids and plays well with other dogs.  Like most of us he is shy at first until he gets to know yo…
Things You Shouldn't Sell Online
There are so many platforms online to sell your belongings but there are some things you should just throw away.
I am part of several buy, sell, and trade groups on Facebooks and I know there are several apps where you can sell your stuff...
Today Is National Coffee Day
Today is National Coffee and you know I will be partaking. Not only do I love coffee but, I need coffee. I am one of those people that typically doesn't function before coffee.
I like my coffee with sweet cream and sugar. I am not one to drink my coffee black...
Chicken Express Adding A New Location In Midland
Chicken Express is spreading their wings, with a new location in Midland.
Chicken Express is celebrating the opening of their newest location in Midland near Claydesta near Wadley and Big Spring street.
Make sure to go by and get you a combo pack with a big glass of sweet tea...
The New Menu
Been to a restaurant lately? If you have you may have notice a lot of restaurant's aren't using their traditional menus.
COVID has changed just about everything, even the way we dine in restaurants. Most restaurants have moved away from their tradition menus to now using paper menus or down…
I Did A Thing
I always said I wasn't going to do this. I wasn't going add another expensive habit, but I gave in and did it.
I got my lashes done. I have always wanted to get lash extensions but I didn't want another thing I had to keep up with, but when a friend of mine started doing lashes I gave …
Fiddlesticks Farms Is Now Open
A staple of the Fall in the Permian Basin is Fiddlesticks Farms. Fiddlesticks Farms is now open for the 2020 season.
You can enjoy the corn maze, the corn shooter, hayrides, pig races, corn popper, the gold mining and so many more activities...

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