It's all happened to us before in Texas right?

We look around, and don't see any police patrolling. So we decide to bend the rules a little bit. The list of things we do?

Well, we could ignore a red light when we don't see any other cars. Maybe do an illegal turn? Of course, there's always speeding too right?

But just when we think the coast is clear, it turns out's not. We've all had that realization when those red, white, and blue lights come on. Yes, a police officer has pulled you over for something you've done illegally.

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However, if the officer thinks there is more that the individual is hiding, they may ask to look at something.

Perhaps The Person's Cell Phone?

But here's the question that just popped up into your head. "Can they legally do that in Texas?" Well the answer, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is yes and no.

According to the Star-Telegram, Texans can refuse the officers asking to see their phones during a traffic stop if asked. If the officer still manages to obtain and look through the phone, without a warrant or permission from the owner, anything found will not be able to be used in court, as it was obtained illegally.

But, there is a situation where a warrant isn't needed for the officer to search an person's phone without permission. In this situation, as reported by the Star-Telegram, the suspected individual must give the officer a reason to search the device.

One of the possible situations provided is when the driver may try to flee the area. However, the officer must still provide the reason for the search.

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