Just imagine turning down $1 million dollars — but keeping it clean comes at a price.

Terri Clark is no stranger to country music with '90s hits such as "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" and "Better Things to Do" under her belt. Just recently, on the Bobby Bones Show, Clark spoke of a time where she had to turn down a life changing amount of cash to keep her "meet and greets" from getting "weird."

The "Better Things to Do" singer said it all got started with a Playboy poll in which she came in second place for "Which country singer would you like to see pose for Playboy?"

The humble, and admittedly confused, singer continued to explain, "They came to me and offered, I'm just gonna say it, a million dollars."

The '90s star said she told her manager, "There's no way I'm posing. Meet and greets can get weird enough as it is. Can you imagine?"

The manager then explained, "Well, you can go topless for this amount of money. The full monty, you get the full million. So he's negotiating body parts to pose for Playboy."

She continued to explain, "If I wanted a cash grab, I would have done it, but I was just like, I can't."

Check out the viral exchange below.

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