Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany are taking a couple’s getaway on a vacation to Switzerland. While the trip should be filled with good food and sightseeing, Brittany recently found herself on an adventure that involved the local emergency room.

“You probably are wondering how I ended up here,” she shares. “I broke my hand in Switzerland.”

The singer’s wife posted a video on Instagram holding a drink in one hand, while the other is wrapped in a bandage.

“Took a ride on the not-so-funicular and Switzerland’ed in the ER,” she captions the video.

A day later, she shared how she wound up in this situation on her Instagram story.

“A couple of days ago we were in Switzerland, it was like 11 at night, super later,” Brittany begins the story.

“We were taking this funicular up, which is basically this little train that takes you up the mountain. It was taking us to our hotel.”

She recalls the stairs being shallow, grabbing on to Aldean and the railing for support.

“My body weight went forward and fell like down the stairs, and then my hand stayed,” Brittany relates.

“I broke something in this region," she continues, pointing to her palm. "I can’t wait to get back to the States and get it all checked out."

At the end, she jokes that she wishes it was a funnier story, but lets fans know that when she gets back to Nashville, she will keep them updated on her healing journey.

As she often does, Brittany has been taking fans along on her vacation with Aldean by sharing Instagram reels of each location they visit.

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