We all know that "AirBnB" is the newest way for folks traveling to find a place to stay. But what if you're not trying to blow your summer budget going out of town and want to have some fun closer to home while also not having an entire place to clean up after you're done?

Maybe you and your family just want to spend a day by the pool but you don't have one at the crib or you just don't want to deal with crowds in public spaces?

Well we've came across a website that allows you to rent backyard pools by the hour and we found a few here in East Texas that we think you're going to LOVE!

Have You Heard Of "Swimply"? Its Like AirBNB but for Pools!

So we came across this site called "Swimply" and its pretty cool! It allows travelers or folks who just want to spend time by the pool a chance to RENT your backyard pool by the hour. Instead of renting out the entire "house" just for a pool party, you just get what you came for: "the pool".

Considering the price of gas nowadays, road trips to a waterpark could get costly so why not rent one nearby.

We Found A Couple Of Beautiful Pools For Rent In Tyler And Flint


We decided to check out what homes in East Texas have signed up for Swimply and we came across two beautiful backyard pools for rent! One called "Chateau On The Lake" in Flint offers breathtaking views of the lake with a large pool that can accommodate a large group.

Plus imagine everyone's excitement when you pull up into THIS DRIVEWAY! (Just remind them that their not going in the house).


If you want something a little more "rural", we came across another pool "with country views" just north of Tyler.

Described by host Aimee S. as "Idyllic Outdoor Fun with Outdoor Living Space" this pool is for folks looking for something less extravagant and simple. We have a gallery of both pools below so check it out and enjoy the pools!

You Can Rent These Beautiful Backyard Pools In Tyler & Flint By The Hour!

The website Swimply lets you rent pools in folks backyards by the hour if you need a quick swim or for nice get together! Check out two pools we found for rent here in our area!

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