In Texas there are always families that want more fun activities. While I must admit we are lucky with so many options for excitement and activities, it seems like we are seeing fewer mini golf courses. We are fortunate to still have quite a few that are open around the state of Texas but let’s look a little deeper and find the best mini golf in Texas. 

Texas Mini Golf

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved playing mini golf, I was hoping that might transition into a love for real golf. But I have never been good at golf and just end up spending money on getting mad at a ball because it didn’t go where I wanted it to go. Which is why I now just stick to playing putt-putt golf. It’s so fun, and if you don’t have a great score, it’s okay, it’s all about having fun anyway.  

What Makes for a Great Mini Golf Course? 

The biggest thing about a great mini golf course is just having staff that care and try to keep the course looking clean and nice. It’s also a lot of fun when mini golf courses change up the course occasionally. It’s fun to play, but it’s also great to have new fun holes to play along the course. 

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What Was Selected as the Best Mini Golf in Texas 

If you’re looking for the best mini golf in Texas, you need to visit Peter Pan Mini Golf in Austin. They have two 18-hole courses set up for hours full of fun. Let’s look at all the best mini golf courses in every state, including Texas.  

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