How come no one told me about this? And it's been a thing since the beginning of the year?

In an effort to reduce massive amounts of waste, Starbucks made an announcement in January that will change how we get our caffeine fix (or already has if you were paying better attention than me).

The news will specifically change things for folks who prefer to drive-thru or use the app to place orders. Until now this past January, the option had only been available to those ordering inside the store. You can now use your own cup at Starbucks.

I've never been a fan of so many reusable cups being handled by workers, but I'm in the minority. According to CNN, now drive-thru customers will be able to have Starbucks workers take their personal cup at the window and fill it up with their order. This will definitely cut down on waste, but it also seems a little extra germy to me.

In an effort to help combat those "germy" issues, Starbucks will require any cups brought from home to be clean (how do they really enforce that though?) and no larger than 40 ounces. But for real, y'all keep your nasty Stanley Cups to yourselves.

That's not the only change that went into affect in January, and this one may be less of a fan-favorite, Starbucks has also revealed it will now allow their locations to turn off the ability for customers to place mobile orders. They will do this during peak hours, when workers can become overwhelmed.

I mean, there's not much worse that standing in line or in the drive-thru while app or phone orders are being taken, right?

"Reasons for a halt include higher-than-expected volume, or when employee absences are negatively impacting the Starbucks experience," Bloomberg reported.

Let us know what you think, do you like bringing your personal cup to have it filled? Do you like outside cups being handles by baristas?

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