If you have ever wondered about southern hospitality, there is now data to back up the fact that it is very real. And southern hospitality is alive and well after finding out that six of the friendliest cities in the entire country are located here in Texas.  


The survey was done by the good people at Preply and after getting lots of responses they have now created a list of the friendliest cities in America. Having lived in five states in the past eleven years I can tell you that these statistics are the truth. People are very friendly for the most part here in the lone star state. Which is so refreshing as there are other places in the country where people go out of their way to avoid a conversation with someone they don’t know. 

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Being Friendly Can Make a Huge Difference 

It’s amazing how just being kind can make a huge difference. But how did they come up with these results? They had some key metrics such as holding open a door or elevator for someone, offering directions, or stopping to help someone who is having car troubles. 

Texans Should Feel Proud That Others Know We Are Friendly 

There are many locations in the country that are known for having grumpy or aggressive people, but people know that Texans are friendly. We even have the data to back it up. Here is a look at the 6 Texas cities that made the list of the friendliest in the country.  

6 of the Friendliest Cities in America Located in Texas

Southern Hospitality is alive and well as 6 of the friendliest cities in the country are located in the great state of Texas.

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