The Lone Star State is vast, giving those who live there, and visitors, a lot of wonderful things to see.

From its largest cities to smallest towns; biggest lakes to longest rivers; its deserts to forests; and everything else in between, Texas holds a lot of beauty. And if one kind of destination isn't for you, there is definitely somewhere you'll love.

With it getting warm out, now is the perfect time to escape and explore some other beautiful places in Texas.

My favorite area to visit is the Hill Country

I love driving through all the hills and enjoying the scenery. During the springtime, it is especially beautiful with all kinds of flowers in bloom, including bluebonnets. And it seems like there is an abundance of places to explore in the Hill Country.

Plus, having a great wine selection in that area is right up my alley.

Although, I do enjoy the beach too. More so those along Padre Island than others. A beach trip is always relaxing.

No matter where you go in Texas I believe there is beauty and explorations to be found. And what better time than summer?

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What are some of the most beautiful places to visit?

If you're ready to travel to some lovely Texas places, but don't want to research, I have a list for you crafted by Thrillist. They compiled over 10 locations in Texas that are the "most beautiful," and I have to say I agree with them.

If you don't see a place on this list that piques your interest, I guarantee you there is something or somewhere in the Lone Star State that will take your breath away. Just keep looking!

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