A San Antonio woman is behind bars after allegedly stealing $3K of meats in a stroller! Yes! There was also a child in the stroller! Mysanantonio.com reports that this was roughly the 11th time within a year-long span she reportedly hit an H-E-B meat market. Each time she used a baby stroller to conceal the goods with a child in the stroller! The total amount of the theft was $3000. Currently, Nicole Aparicio has 13 warrants for her arrest. Read the full story by clicking here.

According to the article. Aparicio made away with these items during one of her "shopping sprees"

Hickory spiral ham
Ribeye steak
Beef fajita meat
Beef sausage
Pork loin chops
Center-cut beef back ribs
Premium mesquite bacon
Pork belly
Skirt steak
Flaming Bird fajitas
Stew meat
Ground chuck beef


Here is another reason to love HEB! A video that was posted to social media shows an HEB employee riding a bike with an ice chest in tow. While riding, you can hear him saying,  “I got pork and I got chicken which one are you picking? I got tamales here!" This is another example of HEB, being proud of where they are from.  The video that was posted to the Dallas Texas TV FB page put a smile on my face.  The comment section will also make you laugh.

Also, in things that you will only see in Texas!  A TikTok video went viral a couple of years ago of a proposal going down in an HEB grocery store!  I mean, you can even see the rose pedals leading to the special spot.  I am sure there is a special reason for having the proposal at the HEB inside the Healthy Living aisle. However, it's the reaction from the guy that really makes me laugh. I mean, he looks like he is in shock and gets straight back to work selling tamales. I mean tamales are a very important in South Texas!

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@lindyfoster When there is proposal in aisle two of @H-E-B but you are on tamale duty at work #fyp #heb #proposal #tamale #pork ♬ origt="_blank">#chicken

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