A fan was in need of assistance over the weekend and Justin Timberlake made sure the fan got some help.

Watch Justin Timberlake Come to Fan's Rescue Below

Justin Timberlake is currently in Texas on his 'Forget Tomorrow' World Tour. On Saturday he had a stop at The Moody Center in Austin, Texas. While performing his song "Cry Me a River' that night. Justin noticed a fan motioning for help while he was performing his song. He quickly alerted his security team to get someone to the area to help this woman out. Thankfully, some nearby concert goers were actually doctors and were able to help her out.

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Justin Stops the Show Completely To Make Sure the Fan is OK

At the time, the song was almost over. At the completion, Justin asks to turn the house lights up to ensure the people helping are able to see what is going on and also to alert the rest of the crowd that a fan is having an issue. Justin asks the fan if they're OK and says it wasn't a problem stopping the show.

Watch Justin Timberlake Help Austin, Texas Fan During Emergency

Witnesses at the show say, the fan would leave to get medical attention outside. They would later return to the show in better spirits. Hopefully the fan is doing better today and I am sure Justin is their hero this morning.

Justin Timberlake Remaining Texas Tour Dates

For JT fans that could not make the show in Austin over the weekend. His tour continues this Tuesday at Dickies Arena over in Fort Worth, Texas. If you just found out about this tour right now and that is too last minute for you. Good news, he has more stops this December.

Justin Timberlake in Dallas on December 6th

Also a Stop in Oklahoma City on December 2nd

Some folks don't like the Dallas/Fort Worth traffic and find it easier to drive to Oklahoma City. He also has a stop there in December. So Justin fans, no excuse to not see him. Go tomorrow or save some money for this December.

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