When I look out my office window, I see mostly parking lot and a nondescript car wash. The kind of car wash where you pull into a bay, drop in a few quarters, and hose down the wheels yourself. Many times over the past few years I have observed the comings and goings at this car wash. When I'm gazing out the window, it's certainly more interesting than staring at the parking lot pavement.

A few days ago I noticed a man wearing a yellow t-shirt, washing a yellow Corvette. There was enough yellow present for me to think he might have a certain sort of personality. I feel like folks who love the color yellow probably tend towards more upbeat dispositions, possibly not as weighed down by the world as some of the rest of us. Just a theory.

I wondered if he had nicknamed the Corvette. Sunshine? Golden Chick? Big Bird?

I wonder a lot, about a lot of things. There's something about observing humanity doing everyday things that gets me wondering about and reflecting on life in general.

At the car wash, people pull into those bays, spend some time being especially attentive to their vehicles, then drive away. Some will come back. Some won't. If that isn't a metaphor for life, I don't know what is.

People come into our lives, spend some time, then drive away. We arrive into someone else's life, spend some time, then move on. Sometimes we come back to each other; often we don't. Either way, it's fascinating to think about the hundreds/thousands of folks with whom we cross paths during our time on planet earth.

Sometimes we're in each others' lives for years, sometimes only moments, but there's a shared experience. Each interaction has influence. Each interaction provides us information, often about ourselves.

Even if it's a simple observation about a stranger's preference for the color yellow.

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