Every morning at 8:10am, Gunner and I face-off on a new topic, and we're always on opposite sides. The question is--who's side are YOU on? Could be about anything--so far it's been about things like Favorite Chips and whether or not they belong on a sandwich, Whether or not Pets belong in Bed with you at night, and so much more! Sound off in the comments section below and tell us YOUR opinion, and who you think presented their side of the argument the best.

Today's Great Debate is Turkey vs Ham.

You should all know which side I am on, it's turkey, it's always turkey. If there is no other choice then I will eat ham but it is definitely not my first choice. Even at holiday meals it's turkey for me. Ham lunch meat is not that bad to me but I don't like a full ham. You know the kind you serve at holidays. It's because I am not a pork fan. As you know I don't eat much pork at all. Even when it comes to sausage I prefer turkey sausage. So even when we aren't discussing lunch meat I am still going with turkey.

When it comes to turkey, I prefer turkey breast, its a more moist meat. I'll eat turkey in just about in shape or form.  Like I said I really like turkey sausage, I like turkey lunchmeat. I also like turkey with extra flavor, like the Cajun turkey or the peppered turkey.  I love me a turkey sandwich.

Mark Stout


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