There are more Buc-ee's in Texas than any other state. They started here in Lake Jackson, so it only makes sense that Texas style makes its way into everything they do.

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Now that Christmas and New Year's are over all kinds of stores across the country immediately flipped to Valentine’s for their seasonal merchandise. I noticed stores that didn't even wait until the confetti stopped coming down in Times Square to start hitting the holiday made for lovers hard.

Buc-ee's was no exception and everyone on TikTok is going crazy for their Valentine's offerings. It could be because there was a color shift this year when it comes to this couple's sport of a holiday.

Get Into The Nearest Buc-ee's For Pink Valentines Day Merchandise

No matter what your thoughts on Valentine's Day, if your favorite color is pink you are going to go crazy for this stuff. If you love pink and tye-dye then you are going to be in heaven.

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It seems all things red have turned pink, and everyone is loving the shirts and other wearables. The Buc-ee's blanket in pink and red is becoming a hot item.

Most of us don't have trips planned this time of year, and it might be quite the drive to get this for someone. Just know that your time and energy will be rewarded with smiles and hugs from any lucky person you gift it to.

Run Don't Walk To Buc-ee's For Their Valentines Day Blankets

If the road to your significate other’s heart is paved with Beaver nuggets, they want this now. Don't even bother to wait until February 14th.


Some of the Best Snacks at Buc-ee's

Ladies & Gentlemen, The World's SMALLEST Buc-ee's is Just So Cute

The new tourist spot can be found in Marfa, a small desert city in west Texas, is known as an arts hub. The art installation, remember the famous Marfa Prada installation, it's kinda like that, has popped up on the side of Sanderson Highway.

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